Mutual NDA

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Mutual NDA

A Mutual NDA allows for both parties which are contemplating coming together for a transaction or other business relationship, to ensure that what they disclose in their dealings to the other will be kept confidential.

Included in this Contract

  • What is generally defined as confidential information;
  • What might reasonably be excluded from confidential information;
  • The standard of care is required by the recipient of confidential information;
  • What are the consequences if confidential information is unlawfully disclosed;
  • How long information is required to be kept confidential;
  • A non-circumvention clause, prohibiting one party from by-passing the other, and directly contacting a 3rd party which may have been introduced to the other in their dealings;
  • and much more.

How does it work?

When you start the questionnaire, you will be guided through the questions with the help hand of explanations and additional information. Based on your answers, the Mutual NDA will be tailor-made by our system. If you log in or create an account, you can also save the progress of the questionnaire and come back later.