Shareholders Agreement

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Shareholders Agreement

Create a customised Shareholders Agreement suited to your Company's needs.

A Shareholders Agreement regulates the relationship between the Shareholders of the Company.

The importance of the Shareholders Agreement

When starting a company, you, together with your fellow shareholders are the best of friends now, which you assume will continue indefinite. The unfortunately reality, however, is that most businesses fail due to a fall out between the shareholders. Hopefully, this does not ever happen to your company.

A Shareholders Agreement acts as a safeguard against potential fallouts between shareholders, as well as regulating certain governing aspects of a company.

Included in the Shareholders Agreement

The Shareholders Agreement includes all the basic aspects of a Shareholders Agreement including:

  • The share capital of the Company;
  • The names of shareholders, coupled with the number of shares issued to each;
  • Provisions pertaining to shareholder loans;
  • The dividend policy of the Company;
  • Pre-emptive rights clauses, in that shareholders must first offer shares they wish to sell to other shareholders, before offering them to outsiders;
  • The Company’s dividend policy;
  • The process followed in order to value shares of the company;
  • Drag Along and Tag Along rights;
  • Dispute resolution procedures;
  • Provisions pertaining to Confidentiality.
  • How new shareholders will be alloted shares in the Company;
  • How director remuneration is determined;
  • Dispute resolution procedures;
  • Instances required of a forced sale of shares if a shareholder becomes incompetent or breaches the Shareholders Agreement;
  • Provisions pertaining to Confidentiality.

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