Employment Agreement (Fixed Term)

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Fixed Term Term Employment Agreement

Create a customised fixed term employment agreement suited to your business, completed with a guiding hand of the employment laws while your are going through the process. There is no requirement that you have to enter into a written employee agreement with every employee, but in most situations, it makes sense to enter into a written employment agreement with your employees.

A fixed term employment agreement is best suited when hiring for a specific project which will come to an end in the future, after which, those employees hired will no longer be needed.

Included in this Contract

This employment agreement includes all the basic aspects of an employment agreement including:

  • Probation period (optional);
  • The term of employment;
  • Responsibilities of the employee;
  • Expectations of the employee;
  • Intellectual Property;
  • Restraint of trade (optional)
  • Non-disclosure (optional)
  • Annual and sick leave;
  • Remuneration;
  • Dispute resolution;
  • Termination.

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