Independent Contractor Agreement

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Independent Contractor Agreement / Sub-Contract Agreement

Create a customised Independent Contractor Agreement / Sub-Contract Agreement suited to your business needs.

When running a business it is inevitable that certain services will need to be outsourced to 3rd parties to provide to you or your customers. This is known as using independent contractors or sub-contracting, and this relationship is regulated by an Independent Contractor Agreement.

An example of an n independent contractor or a sub-contractor is the outsourcing of the design of your website to a software developer, or the writing of blog posts for your website.

Included in this Contact

This Independent Contractor Agreement includes all the basic aspects of an Independent Contractor Agreement including:

  • What services the independent contractor is to provide;
  • The commencement date duration that the contract is set to run;
  • How the agreement may be terminated;
  • Set out the agreed fees and how the independent contractor is to be paid;
  • Provisions pertaining to intellectual property;
  • Provisions prevent, if you choose, to prevent staff and customer poaching;
  • Dispute resolution provisions; and
  • Much more.

How does it work?

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