Letter of Demand for Unpaid Invoice(s) | Outstanding Payment Letter

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Letter of Demand for Unpaid Invoice(s)

If you are owed money on an outstanding invoice or two, use this automated letter to compile a letter of demand, calling on payment of the outstanding amount by a certain date.

Included in this Letter

  • Invoice number(s) owing;
  • When the amount is required to be paid;
  • Reference to certain mandatory provisions of the National Credit Act;
  • Placing the debtor in arrears so as to be able to claim interest in certain circumstances;
  • Specification of the creditor's bank details, should you wish to record them.

How does it work?

When you start the questionnaire, you will be guided through the questions with the help hand of explanations and additional information. Based on your answers, the Letter of Demand for Unpaid Invoice(s) will be tailor-made by our system. If you log in or create an account, you can also save the progress of the questionnaire and come back later.


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