Registration of Information Officer

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Registration of Information Officer

All organisations which collect Personal Information need to register one of their personnel as an Information Officer. In most instances this person will be the head of your organisation, but can be another person who is at management level within the organisation.

Appointing of your Information Officer.

As there are many potential candidates within your organisation, and many people involved with POPI, choosing a IO is not straightforward in all cases. What is the structure of your business and how many people will you need? Are you considering appointing deputies or just an Officer? Should one deal with PAIA and the other with POPI? Who is the accountable and who is the responsible? Should you have one for the group or each entity within the group of companies? If you have any questions regarding this, please schedule a call with us here

Registration Deadline is 1 February 2022

All Information Officers need to be registered with the Information Regulator by 1 February 2022. This deadline has been pushed out from what it was previously.

What does this Service Comprise

We'll assist your organisation in registering your Information Officer with the Information Regulator. After completing the questionnaire, you will be sent a copy of the information that you submitted to us, with us then attending to the registration of the Information Officer, and sending you confirmation once the registration has been attended to.

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