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eCommerce Website Returns Policy

When running a webshop or eCommerce website, it is inevitable that in certain instances you will be expected to allow returns of the items sold through your webshop or eCommerce website.

This eCommerce Website Returns Policy allows your to set the parameters for how and when you will allow returns, and the process followed by purchasers to do so.

Included in this eCommerce Website Returns Policy

  • Whether the products sold on your webshop are digital or physical;
  • A choice of the circumstances in which a return will be permitted;
  • The time frame in which a return needs to be initiated;
  • A choice of whether the purchaser's account will be credited, and/or whether they will receive a refund, and/or whether they may replace the product once returned;
  • Choice of how the return is to be initiated;
  • Choices pertaining to the condition of the product to allow for a return;
  • Whether the product needs to be delivered back to you and/or whether you will collect it;
  • Whether you will require a product inspection prior to allowing for the return;
  • Whether and what product(s) are excluded from the Returns Policy.

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