Employment - Verbal Warning

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Verbal Warnings

A written verbal warning is given to an employee when an employee has committed a minor offence. It is always best to keep a record of the verbal warnings you have given to an employee as many employees dispute having received such a warning later down the line.

Verbal Warning Procedure

This document confirms the verbal warning and can then be saved in an employee’s file. Verbal warnings are reserved for less severe forms of offences. The verbal warning is given to an employee with the aim of informing the employee that their conduct was in breach of a company policy of the employment contract.

Verbal Warning Template

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Verbal Warning Examples

A verbal warning is not intended to put a strain on the relationship between the employee and the employer. Here are a few examples of when a verbal warning is necessary

  • When an employee is absent from his or her place of work without good reason;
  • When an employee is displaying poor quality of work or low levels of productivity;
  • Frivolously or wasteful use of the company’s resources and/or materials; and
  • When an employee is absent from his or her place of work without good reason;

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