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Do you want to start or have a webshop or ecommerce site? What are the legal documents you need? We've included all the necessary documents in a single package for your comfort.

Create your own personalised website legal documents perfectly suited to your webshop:

  • Avoid miscommunication and high legal costs.
  • A great match for any webshop.
  • Set the standard for communication with your clients
  • Includes a return policy

Building and launching your own webshop can be an expensive operation. Often this leaves founders with concentrating on the essentials whilst foregoing the required legal documents. Our Webshop Starter Package should provide you with everything you need to start and run a webshop, properly.

Included in this package

The combined value of this package is R1350 - Save 20%

How does it work?

We will send you codes for all three documents after payment. When you start the questionnaires, you will be guided through the questions with the helping hand of explanations and additional information. Based on your answers, the documents will be tailor-made by our system. If you log in or create an account, you can also save the progress of the questionnaire and come back later.


We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you are not completely satisfied, we will provide a full refund.


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