Loan Agreement Template

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Templated Contract

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Loan Agreement

A Loan Agreement regulates the relationship and repayment terms between a lender and borrower of money.

Although there is no legal requirement that a loan agreement be in writing, this is the only way the terms of the loan can be properly governed, with no chance of ambiguity.

Included in this Contract

All the basic aspects of a loan agreement including:

  • Events of default and repercussions if the borrower fails to make repayments on time;
  • Dispute resolution processes;
  • Certain undertakings and warranties provided by the borrower;
  • Cost recoupment in the event of the borrower defaulting and the lender seeking legal help to recover the amounts owing;
  • Common boilerplate clauses.
  • Capital amount lent;
  • Interest rates of repayment;
  • Repayment dates.

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