Review by a Lawyer

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Review by a Lawyer

Although we adhere strict quality controls and aim to make our contracts to have the best suit to your occassion, sometimes you might be stuck with another question, or would like to have your own legal knowledge checked. At Hello Contract we are happy to help you by providing a formal review by a qualified attorney of your (at our platform created) contract. We will check ask you to address your situation and how you would like to use the contract, and recommend on additions/alterations that we would make.

Not a customised service

Although we do our best to provide an 'highest quality for lowest cost approach'. This service does not include customisation of your contract should it be necessary.

How does it work?

Just press the Start Order button on the right hand side. After payment we will send you an email requesting some information about your current situation, and the document you would like to have reviewed. We will contact you between 24-48 hours to confirm a meeting point, and give you our legal insight on your document and your situation.

About Hello Contract

At Hello Contract we aim to automate the document process to help you create the documents that you need. Our Attorneys and legal support team are always available to assist you with your legal challenges